Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christmas Cash Ideas

Money Saving Mom is doing a series right now called 31 days to Earn Extra Cash before Christmas

It's got some great ideas, a lot of which I already do (Amazon trade-in, online surveys, Jingit).  Check it out if you're looking for some ways to earn a little extra cash before Christmas, or just all year long.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homemade Christmas Goodies

Homemade Christmas 2012

About mid summer I start asking the kids what they're planning on making for their extended family for Christmas. Because handmade takes planning and time we need to start early. To help us out I wanted to create a list of handmade gifts that we can begin working on early so that December doesn't get here and we have to rush to get the gifts made.

As I was making my list, I thought others might enjoy using it. And then I thought maybe there's some really cool gifts that I don't even know exist and they wouldn't be on my list. ( I started to panic) Then I started thinking about the people who are kind of hard to make handmade gifts for, you know, like men. And the people, like children, who want to give handmades but have limited ability. Yes, this is how I think...complete spider webbing and overwhelming.

So after all that thinking, I decided it would be nice to do a link up of handmade items that would be good for gift giving. So for the next several Thursdays I'll have a link up for handmade items that would be good for gift giving.

{the rules}
Each week will have a different category. I'm going to list the categories now so that you can begin thinking about what posts you already have that would fit those categories. Also, if you're making something in one of these categories you can know when that link up will be. Now, I'm not going to be checking to see if every post is in that category. Because, honestly, some handmades don't fit into nice, neat categories. (Also, I don't really have time for that.) But just know that the category will be listed in the post title so if it's the men's category week and you post a tutu tutorial it probably won't get very many hits.

Next week I'll have a button that you can use to link back to my site or post on your blog or facebook page. You'll need a link back to actually post. So you can use the button or just the url of my blog post or just

The linky for each post will be open for at least through Thanksgiving. So go ahead and check back on the previous categories each week because someone might have posted just what you've been looking for.

I'm sure it goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, all the link ups have to be of handmade stuff. Not necessarily made by you and they don't have to be tutorials but please don't post something like "a tin filled with bakery bought cookies." Yes, I know someone handmade them but that's really not what this list is about.

{the categories and dates}
October 4th - grandparents, aunts & uncles (gifts for children to make)
October 11th - children (to receive)
October 18th - women specific
October 25th - men specific (I can't wait to see all of these)
November 1st - edibles
November 8th - home and garden
November 15th - re purposed or recycled

Now remember, this will only be totally awesome if you participate and encourage your friends to participate. So feel free to pin this, or post it on facebook or on your blog, or tweet about it...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Travel Crayons

It's ALL Good in Mommyhood has the cutest idea for travel crayons.  Ziplock bags and the boxes crayons come in tear so easily.  She used an old Rainbow Sprinkles container for the crayons to use at restaurants, waiting rooms, the car, etc. 

Super Cute...I'm saving the next 2 containers I have so the girls can each have their own.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Disney World Tips

Here is another interesting tip from Couponing To Disney that I personally never would have thought of.  We are planning on driving (19 hours YUK!)  to save money, so we will be taking our on water in the truck.  But, if you are planning a trip somewhere, especially Disney what a wonderful idea.

Disney World Tip: Save Money By Shipping Water To Resort

Bottles of water are expensive at Disney World. You can expect to pay around $2.50 per bottle in the parks! If your family of 4 all want a bottle of water, that is going to run you $10!
But not to worry! You can actually have cases of water shipped to your resort before you arrive. It will be waiting on you at luggage services.
Here are a few places you can order water from:
And here’s how you should address your package:
Your first and last name
c/o Your resort
Hold for guest arrival on: 00/00/00
Resort Address
City, State, Zip
To find your resort’s mailing address, just Google Resort Name + Address (example: Pop Century address).
Disney World is the Most Magical Place On Earth. Be sure to learn how to make the most of your trip by reading the Disney World Training series. You can also browse all the articles I have written in an easy to use outline. And if you are ready to book your trip, be sure to read about the perks of using an authorized Disney vacation planner (plus it’s FREE!).

Glow in the Dark Pillowcases

Ducks in a Row's Laurel is a busy mom of four, but she always has cute little crafts, especially for kids.  These Glow in the Dark Pillowcases are to die for. 

Go to her site here for a tutorial. 

Money Saving Queen: Freebie Friday

I love free stuff.  If you have the time during the day and follow some of the money-saving sites there are tons of free stuff you can get in your mailbox.  Here are the freebies from Money Saving Queen for the week. 

Freebie Friday: Free Samples, Deals & Coupons 9/28

Posted: 09/28/12 6:00 AM (Modified: 09/28/12 6:00 AM)
Happy Friday! Grab these awesome freebies before they are gone!
Freebie Friday Giveaway: Andy B's $100 Gift Certificate

Benefit Brow Bar: Free Brow Wax On Your Birthday
Free Museum Day Admission on 9/29
Free 20x20 Family Portrait At PictureMe Portrait Studio
FREE Classroom Supplies for Teachers
Free Home Depot Kids Workshop: Build a Fire Truck 10/6
Free Greeting Card from Santa
Free Redbox Rental for iPhone & Android Users
Staples: Free Ream of Paper after Printable Coupons
Free Redbox Rental for iPhone & Android Users
Enjoy the freebies!
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Walmart Coupon Policy Change September 2012

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Homeschool Sites

A lot of the sites I regularly read are homeschool parents, thus they have great information if you do or are thinking about homeschooling.  We personally don't, it's not for our family.  But, I do find some of the curriculum ideas helpful on the days my littlest one isn't at school.  Here's a list of some of my favorite blogs that are also homeschoolers. 

Good Girl Gone Glad

* Money Saving Mom

* August Fields

* Confessions Of A Homeschooler

* Pioneer Woman

* Spritti Bee


If you've looked at the site in the last few hours you will noticed it has changed....quite a few times.  I can't decide what I want the font/colors/text...etc. to look like.  I like our logo, and that's about all I'm dead set on.  You will probably see it change again, as my mood changes.  Thanks to Google and Blogger for giving bloggers the option to change thanks up a bit.

Homemade Farbric Refresher

There are a ton of homemade "Febreeze" recipes out there, all of them pretty similar.  I've just always made the recipe I found awhile ago,  Fake-It-Frugal.  I think it's better than the original, and it lasts forever and costs almost nothing. hint: I even use really cheap fabric softner too. 

I use the old Febreeze bottle I had before I got smart and started making my own.

1/8 cup of fabric softner
2 tablespoons baking soda
fill with hot water to the top

Shake it all up and use. 

Works Great!

$25 Gift Card Giveaway!!

We are on a mission to get 100 "LIKE"s on Facebook.  Go there now ....and LIKE us and you'll be entered to win a $25 Target Gift Card.

We are not being sponsored by Target or it's affiliates, we just love the store, and know you probably do too.

Real People Food

My BFF and I were just talking this morning about the benefits and disadvantages of eating a plant-based diet.  100 Days of Real Food shared this great article from The Healthy Home Economist on the what began a Vegan has done to one person's health.  It's definately an interesting read, I feel it's always good to look at every angle before you decide to make a life change such as going Vegan or even the flip side of that.   

You can find the article here.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disney World Training : Couponing to Disney

One of the money-saving sites you will see me boast about is Couponing to Disney.  We are planning a trip in June to take the girls to Disney World (don't tell them, it's a surprise).  Kristin's Disney World Training has some amazing tips, and ways to save money for your trip.  This obviously wouldn't have to be used just for Disney World, but in anything your family is saving for.  It's worth the read. 

Conception Connection

My dear friend Amy is pregnant with twins.  They had a difficult time conceiving and Amy started a blog to share the trials and tribulations that go along with this.  I suggest you take a peak, she is hilarious. 

Once, while in college I had an ant in my was quite alarming...but, Amy's killer nursing skills prooved to be crucial to the ant-removal process.  She's a great friend that girl.

You can check out her blog here.

Freezer Cooking from Money Saving Mom

One of my favorite sites, Money Saving Mom, has amazing recipes.  She cooks most everything homemade due to some allergies in her family.  We don't have that problem in our family, but I do try a lot of her things just due to the nutritional content.  She does a great amount of freezer cooking, which both mom and I are trying to do in our households.  Here is her latest in the Freezer Cooking series. 

Freezer Cooking: Chicken Salsa Pockets

Thanks Money Saving Mom for your great recipes. 

The Top 10

Here is a list of my top ten "money-saving" blogs.  These are my go to blogs for day-to-day help on coupons, freebies, recipes, tips, etc. 

1. Money Saving Mom
2. Couponing To Disney
3.918 Coupon Queen
5.Raining Hot Coupons
6.Spend With Pennies
7.All Good In Mommyhood
8.The Frugal Girls
9.All You (not really a blog, but great money-saving help)
10.She Makes Cents

The start of something new.

We love great blogs.  We read them everyday.  They are my goto for ideas, recipes, money saving tips, and just to look at cute pictures of other people's houses and kids.  The very first blog I started reading was dooce, if you don't already read this one, Heather Armstrong is phenominal.  Oh, and that Chuck hoot. 
I am not being paid to say any of this, and Chuck is not my dog nor do I intend to use his trademark.  I just think he's a freakin sweet dog.